Monday, February 27, 2006

Of Culture shaack and OC saappadu

"Konala irundha thaan adhu Vanavil"
-G.Ashok (Cultural Secretary,Vanavil 2006)

Beat that and you get to sit in his chair next year.Well,the first intercollege culturals of SRM Valliammai engg college ,Vanavil '06 finally happened.Yes,it was a success,thanks to Ashok and a long list of other ODeers.
Day 1
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,and their ignorance of the fact that my musical knowledge was limited to group songs in school,landed me a post called "organiser" for the classical solo comp.As usual everything started late and the judges for the finals arrived before the prelims even started,so we decided to let them judge both,prelims and finals.Everything went smoothly after that,except that there were no writing pads for the judges,refreshments actually served their purpose by arriving late,I missed my host performance leaving my guitarist fuming,and only one out of my nine team members turned up that day.Thanks to this one soul Srikant,and a bunch of willing juniors,we pulled through...well,sort of.
One of the judges was my music teacher in school Shri P.B.Shrirangachari, and boy,was I glad to accompany him to lunch at the Royal Southern,a 3 star hotel owned by our management.Giving me company was the other Sreekanth of our class who'd escorted Sir to our college that morning.Butter naan with a coupla paneer side dishes and a 3 storey ice cream delite was somewhat fulfilling,considering i had to only sign the bill,not pay it! Sreekanth escorted Sir back home in the same college-arranged cab,while I returned to college.A loud belch signified the grand success of my event.
Day 2
Payback time it was,and here I was watching RJ Balaji from Radiomirchi giving Ashok's mokkais stiff competition.I was supposed to be helping Santhosh organise the RJ-ing event.The chap had been there throughout my event,compering, so I had to do something in return.Well,they learnt from our mistakes and I had not much to do but sit back and let my ears bleed.We celebrated the success of our events by taking snaps with baba,our princi(you see I'm a photography buff and plan to send the pics to NGC)
Pre-valedictory,there was the SS music team with Craig n Shyam,shootin college da.There were paper rockets flying everywhere.I took a formidable seat between Craig and the ex-bomb of our college,only to realise that the disciplinary commitee(our CS dept female staff) was sitting rite behind me.My HOD and a co-whiner ordered me to tell the students to stop throwing 'em rockets,even as Craig got up and threw them back at the crowd!! The VJs went on stage and Craig introduced us to the sexiest man in SS music(his producer).Had we heard right?? He had just said the word "sexy".Wasnt that taboo? Boy,you should've seen the faces of our staff!! Then there was Craig pulling our cult sec's leg.
As usual the valedictory function had empty seats despite Anuradha Sriram's presence.Meanwhile I was into my second innings at Royal Southern,this time with Shyam(of kolangal fame and Mukesh,the guy who sang that helluva song thickuruvi for thalaivar).Arguably the best part of Vanavil'06 was the jingle composed by Satyaraj,the prodigy of our college,and Baba messed up the credits to the song by mentioning my name as Vijaychitra instead of Vijaynarain (yes,I've sung in it).
Thus ended the first ever culturals of our college,and thus ends my second proper post to my blog.