Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"Mitti ki hai jo khushboo..thu kaise bhoolayega.."

How true! Especially if you're scared of flying like I am :D.A lot of people would probably laugh their asses off but who gives a damn!So here I am in aamchi Mumbai happy to be writing this post.Inference: My flight landed safely!!
Was a Jet Air flight,and that was some solace(the airhostesses look way better than IA or AI).But then again,the moment the plane picked up speed,my heart did the usual hop-skip-n-jump and when it finally took off I was mouthing all the slokas that my parents taught me as a kid.Finally it steadied at a height from which I couldn't see the ground(read the vertical distance couldn't frighten me anymore).This is what heaven must look like!Full of cotton candy without carcinogenic coloring.No,this was not my first flight,heck it must've been my thirtieth,but I guess the older we grow,the more perverted our imagination gets.
I tried to distract myself and distraction was right beside me in the form of a beautiful chick in a green hug-me-tight tee and tighter jeans.Had this been a train or bus,I would've been on clound nine.But hell,this was a plane,this was nine thousand feet up in troposphere, this was way above cloud nine! It isn't often that a beautiful girl who hasn't seen you before smiles at you,and in my case she was the first.All I could offer was a constipated rearrangement of lips.
Talking of constipation,inflight meals arrived.I'd rather not talk about the mor-kozhambu+jeera rice+"barotta" combo that was served.But then there was mango souffle and it was really good.Halfway through,the plane started trembling,cabin lights dimmed,there was an announcement about turbulent weather and undigested food was desperatey trying to push the souffle out of my throat.I hope "Green"ita(howz that for a name :D) wasn't watching the expressions on my contorted face.That was the end of meals and souffle.
It was landing time,and time for more turbulence,more nausea.And guess what? Greenita was cold and tense too.I could see it in her face.Maybe it was her first flight...Maybe I could talk to her after we landed..if we landed that is...Back to slokas...
I was waiting for my baggage to arrive.It arrived.She was waiting for her baggage to arrive.I had to leave,and couldn't risk getting caught ogling,by my mom.One parting glance..There was my uncle waving at me.
I was inside my uncle's car,and just as we left the airport I saw her again...OK enuff of this romantic are in Bombay!! My uncle turned on the radio and there was Rahman crooning mitti ki....