Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I am listening to Madurai Mani Iyer exploring Charukesi. Its been months since I heard anything even remotely carnatic..And here I am now, writing this post, rather being forced by the subconcious to write. Why? Because this rendition, this great doyen of South Indian classical music, this raaga and this very moment of bliss I am experiencing, all deserve more than just an insignificant bit of blog-space, which is the least I have to give.

I have never heard anyone with such creativity when it comes to kalpana swaras. As far as my knowledge goes, a raaga is usually elaborated in the initial aalapanai..but in Madurai Mani Iyer's case, the kalpana swaras and neraval elucidate the whole raagam beautifully. I don't think it should take an afocionado to appreciate the music..pure brilliance!!

Charukesi-what a beautiful name for such a wonderful raaga! It has melancholy written all over it, bringing a smile on the face, and a tear in the eye. One raaga that has a life of its own. In fact, it is very much like life itself..just as you begin to enjoy it, it reaches a point where there's utter sadness, and yet you refuse to let go of the happiness it just brought to the mind. In the end you are left with a sense of fulfilment, rather fullness(I can't find the right word here).

Again, I wonder why I even wrote this. I am not satisfied with this write-up..I have no idea why. But yes, I am happy that I wrote about something I wanted to write about..some things don't change over this particular rendition of this song Adamodi..the singer doesn't exist in this world anymore..yet he exists in those who have heard him sing. This raaga doesn't exist to the person who hasn't heard this..isn't this the case with everything in this world..wonder how many such things we are missing in life!