Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The moment!

In typical Anna University style, the results have come out just when you didn't give a damn about them. And I've just learnt that I'm an engineer now! My mom ad sister are right by my side wondering wat the hell i'm doin,. And my friend, 2 yrs junior to me, is trying his best to distract me. This is the moment, and i'm ecstatic. Here comes ravikiran's call. I'm seeing his results. don mind the typos, the human mind behaves oddly and limbs freeze wen in tension. What am i typing *&%$&^! Anyway Ravikiran is BE too and i'm happy for all the souls who have completed it with me!


Vijaynarain is B.E, Computer Science and Engineering!

(u see bottomline should be at te bottom hence the space :D)