Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ooh la la la baby!!

Ok, I'm in a state of unadulterated excitement and happiness, and its distracting me from typing. The past three days have been a strain on the nerve and a pain in the ass. Talkin of ass, he did a great job and so did the rest of us. Yeah Ass (with the capital A) is our guitarist's nickname. We are into the semi finals, yes, SEMI FINAS of Ooh La La La !! We are one of 6 bands that have made it from all over the state. My conscience tells me I'm bragging. My conscience be damned!

We were supposed to shoot day before. The elimination process in this show goes like this: 18 bands in the quarter finals are grouped into 3 bands a group, and each episode covers these 3 bands. 2 bands are eliminated, and thus, 6 bands make it to the semis. We were told our competitiors were Yuj and E-Flat. Having heard both bands, our confidence level kinda dipped. And the shoot getting postponed only made the situation worse!

Today, we went to AVM studios by 12 noon. Sivamani Sir, Vasundara Das and Paul Jacob sir are the judges. Having not attended a grooming session by Paul Sir, we were worried he might think we were being complascent. E Flat performed first, and they put up a great show! Then came our turn!!!!!

There's something about the audio and the stage that gets your adrenaline pumping, for as soon as we set foot on stage, there was this feeling of let-anything-happen-don-give-a-damn! A couple of rehearsals and we were on! Take 1!
And then the remix...We did a funk-jazz-rockish adaptation of Mankuyile Poonkuyile :D!! Again a coupla rehearsals and Take 1!
Boy was it fun onstage! The energy was so contagious, I almost fell on my guitarist who had somehow managed to get right behind me!!

Then the third band performed. Yuj couldn't make it, so it was a band called Tarangam. Meanwhile the other bands had to sit in another room and watch the proceedings on a plasma TV, and give feedback. The sad part was, while we were giving bytes, the TV was muted, and that was exactly when Sivamani sir made a call to Ilayaraja Sir, and kept a mike to the phone mouthpiece for the audience to hear!! We thought it was ARR he was speaking to. What a wonderful opportunity missed! Hearing the maestro comment on our performance!!

Time for results...nervous...bated representative from each band goes light shines on the eliminated band's rep...first its its just US and E Flat...equally competitive teams...Paul Jacob Sir lists our pluses and minuses...and the countdown!...retake...anchor!!...more

We've won. Our reactions are being captured on cam. We watch, as our bassist stands under green light, with a plain look on his face. Those french chicks I didn't mention earlier are happy we won!! They'd been praying sincerely that we win!! So much for global appeal :P! The judges are called onstage! Sivamani sir starts some percussion, and Vasundara joins him on the vocals...we jam along, our claps setting the tempo...We're happy...exhilarated...beyond words!!!

A few more pics with the celebs, a few more handshakes, and am back home typing this, wondering whatever the hell happened to my english and creative writing skills!

PS: ARR was one foot away from me a coupla days ago when I was watching another band perform. Was around 1 am! He left in a minute, so no pics, no autograph :( But gr8 feeling all the same!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Current situation

I'm grateful to God for a lot of things. And a lot of other things, I'm praying I'll be grateful for, in the near future. As it is here's an update of things that have happened in life recently:

1. Giving my GRE in 2 days. Preparation is okay
2.Formed a band called Srishti, made some good music and friends
3. Entered "Ooh La la" and got through to the second round, the briefing of which is being given by none other than A.R.Rahman, even as I sit and type this, to Aswath, our band guitarist! (Only one person allowed, and GRE looming large, I cant believe I'm not there boo hoo!)
4. Waiting for date of joining from CTS. Hope it takes time. Hardly enjoyed the holidays :(
5. Lots of treats pending, all deferred until after GRE
6.Life is hectic!

More posts to follow about the inception of Srishti and subsequent developments. No more posts about GRE :P!!

Why this post?? In the words of an old mallu friend : Simbly!