Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pics at AM Studios!!

1. Me on an electronic organ!
2. Me again :P!!
3. With our band drummer Prasanna

Met the Mozart of Asia...speechless!

Today is a great day for me. After 7th October 2005, today is when I got my proper chance to meet A.R.Rahman the legend, the God of Indian music! We were called to AM studios at 5 PM. The studio is beautiful!! We were told to wait in a room to which we had to go downstairs and take another flight of stairs. As we proceeded downstairs, I saw a white Innova taxi pull up at the gate. And lo! ARR steps out of the vehicle, clad in a white kurta! He casts a glance towards the four of us who were there, and goes up through another entrance.

The excruciating wait of half an hour downstairs was well...excruciating, especially when you know ARR is up there inside! And finally, our chance came. "Srishti!" came the call, and we were ushered into the lobby where we had earlier been seated. I'll describe the lobby later :P!
There he was! The man! The legend! We had taken cameras along, only to learn we couldn't take pics :( But there was the press, and they were taking pics of each band with Boss.

Rahman Sir looked at me and said "hi". I blurted out a " Hello Sir" when what I actually wanted to say was something like "Do you realize what a great moment this is for me Mr. Rahman, and it lies entirely in your hands to make it last for more than a minute"!
Then Rahman Sir asked us how the experience was.
And then he asked is to sit in a couch. I sat between our guitarist and our other vocalist. And Rahman Sir right behind me, resting his hand on the sofa! Click!

We were promised the photos would be sent to us as soon as possible.

Now to the lobby. Gr8 ambiance, with loads of oriental wall hangings, and other stuff. Particularly noticeable were some electric wall hangings, that glowed like lightning bolts, all of which converged around your hand when you touched them! Plus there was an electronic organ at one corner. Then the showcase. This was interesting. Loads of awards, including those from CNN-IBN, Filmfare etc were there. And below was a small bookshelf. Some of the books I saw there: One about microphone techniques, few books on Islam, a couple from a series called Great Composers, on Mozart and Bach, a book about Superbowl, an edition of Society Magazine with ARR on the cover...

I am right now out of words, exhausted, exhilarated, excited and drained!! All this happened just 3 hours ago! Will post pics and more when I regain consciousness! :P

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Update: Ooh la la la

The semifinals of Ooh la la la are going to take place on the 1st and 2nd of September. The finals will be on the 4th of September. Yes you heard right! The 9 bands that are in are supposed to prepare for the semis as well as the finals!!
Here's what we are supposed to do for the semifinals:

An instrumental version of any song by Boss!!(Vocals without lyrics allowed)

An acoustic composition (read NO electronic instruments) based on a theme which will be given shortly by Gautam Menon

For finals,

A song based on a theme given by Rahman Sir

A song written by Vaali Sir

Boy this whole month's gonna be hectic! We are going to have grooming sessions for each instrumentalist, by eminent personalities this weekend. These include Keith Peters for bass, Vasundara Das for vocal techniques, Illayaraja Sir's guitarist for the guitars and so on!

And apparently they have a surprise waiting for us on Sunday evening. My guess is as good as yours!! Hoping this dream comes true!!

Plus, we'll be having practise sessions throughout this month. Ooh can't wait to get started!!