Monday, October 22, 2007

Big Lie Small World

We have blogs at Cognizant. Decided to start one. Called it Blogarhythm. Made my first post today. Here goes!

"Hello World" goes the default heading of the first post. Gets me wondering…will my hello make a difference to the world? What makes you think the world's gonna sit up and take notice when I say hello? For one, I'm pretty sure the number of people reading this post would shrink into oblivion when compared with the number of people who don't even know it exists! Heck an average American would hesitate if you asked him where the Eiffel Tower is, before giving you "U.K" for a reply* ! Here we are talking about one ordinary post in one very ordinary blog, saying "Hello!" to the world!

Ok, by now you've probably assumed I'm either nuts or totally zonked in the head. Let me clarify. I'm both. Its the world that drives us all nuts. As for the zonked part, I couldn't come up with an option for the "either" clause in the previous sentence, so used it :P !! And why does the world drive us nuts?? The Aristotles and Socrateses couldn't answer that, so don't look for the answer here…For those who argue that the aforementioned gentlemen DID answer the question, I'm not a student of philosophy. Whats the point of having complicated, incomprehensible answers to simple questions, if a common man cannot understand them?!! And for those who argue that the world DOES NOT drive us nuts, here's my answer: if the world didn't drive us nuts, we wouldn't have had a Shakespeare writing a Hamlet, or the millions of students across the globe (literally) whose lives were made miserable by it…if the world didn't drive us nuts, we wouldn't have had a Devdas drinking his way to perdition, or the hundreds of cinema goers content with watching his sob story unfold, brought to life (err done to death??) by a very mediocre actor trying hard to convince he's actually sobbing…the list goes on.

So why this post?? And why so many questions?? What am I trying to say?? I happen to be at my cynical best/worst right now, and have nothing better to do than inaugrate my blog with this post:P. I agree this is just another attempt to be different, but isn't that what we all strive for?? The relentless pursuit to be different, to do things no one has done? To show others that we have done something they probably haven't? Only, little do we realize that they too have done things you haven't! They are different too! I guess the irony "Remember you are unique…just like everyone else" sums it up.

This post has probably driven you nuts by now. Ofcourse it will, and I have every right to feel proud if it indeed has. Because now I am part of this world too! And the world drives people nuts! If this post hasn't driven you nuts, then yo're probably nuts already!

Coming soon: Why bolts are better than nuts

*Americans are dumber than you would've expected. Proof coming up in the next post

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Winning Note!

I'm just back from a press conference at GRT Grand days hotel in Chennai. We went there thinking the winners of the finals would be announced. Our band Srishti has lost the semifinals. We thought we had been called to cheer the other bands. A buffet later, we were ushered into the conference hall. Krish anchored the proceedings as usual.

We were told Rahman Sir wouldn't be coming as it was Ramzan Day and that the verdict was recorded at his studio and would be played to us. The three finalists in contention were : Oxygen, Zinx and V3.

Then they played a video about how it all began and where it had reached now, interspersed with Rahman Sir talking about the show and the talent that was exhibited. Then there was a dance performance for the Ooh La la la song. Then there was the vote of thanks, thanking everyone involved. This was followed by another dance performance by the same group, to Athiradee.I could judge the restlessess of the finalists, waiting for the results! As for our band, we were just waiting to pounce on the winning band, and ask them to treat us.

Then it was time to announce the results! Krish announced that Rahman Sir would announce the result played on video. Rahman Sir spoke. A brief of what he said : Sir felt all the bands exceeded his expectations. Also he said that there were some aspects that were expected from bands, which were not exhibited by some, and some other aspects which he least expected, but was exhibited by the bands.

Then came the surprise/shock of the day. Rahman ji said that he didn't like judging because it was very difficult. He also said he couldn't decide on ONE winner alone. So he had chosen 6 winners!!!


And on expected lines, the three finalists were announced as the first three winners (in no particular order).
Then he announced Agam, Madras Tunes and Srishti (Yes thats us!!!) as the other 3 winners!

This was the moment of my life! The biggest surprise ever. Even thrilling was watching Rahman Sir, the only inspiration behind any music we've made. watching the video of our band perform in the quarterfinals and comment on our performance. Sir said he liked our boldness of expression, and our attitude onstage, and that there was Jeevan in our music!

What happened next is just a vague remembrance now... Hugs, photo sessions, the trophy and speaking to the media, thanking Rahman sir, 2 gulab jamoons, a sandwich and an ice cream..a few phone calls...Back home.

And here I am typing this writeup to the group!!!

Do watch the final episode tomorrow ie SUNDAY , the 14th of October, on Sun TV at 8.30 PM!