Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

It tasted tangy with just the right amount of sweetness. Wiping beads of sweat that trickled down his forehead, the little boy sat down on one of the stone benches along the pavement. The sun was beating down hard, and glass of the lemon sharbat he was selling, was refreshing. Business had been good today. Cricket fever had quite a few Marina beach regulars battling it out in the heat. And their battle was his victory. Someday I'll set up a shop here...with a/c... And then open a branch in Beasant Nagar beach too... if only father worked... i wouldn't have to wait so long... its so hot! I'll have another glass of juice...just one more...after all business has been good today.


He felt totally out of place here. Yes she was a good friend, and the ones with her were pretty friendly too. But 40 bucks for a hot coffee??!! (the cold ones were way too costly for his conscience) ! This wasn't exactly what he had in mind when she invited him to "hang out" with her gang...its just once... and i need friends... when in Rome... The coffee arrived. It wasn't as hot as the filter coffee he woke up to every morning. It had some foam floating on it. He couldn't help noticing the dark mound of chocolate, whipped cream and ice-cream floating on a glass of what looked like ice-cold Boost, even as one of the guys in the group dug into it with a long spoon. Someday when i'm earning, i'll celebrate my birthday here... The conversation went from IPL to plans for the next weekend. They asked him if he was free. They were going for a movie.
"Oh no i might go out of town with parents..."


One of the few days when he had absolutely nothing to do. The recording was over and the next big thing on his schedule, was an award function the following friday. He had switched off the lights in the room, the only illumination coming from the dots of blue and green on the mixing console. Reclining on one of the bean bags that littered his studio, which was his home as well, he closed his eyes. For a moment, his mind went blank. And then thought by thought came trickling in. The first time his fingers touched the keyboard... his father smiling at him from the recording booth after he had just finished playing a Bach piece during one of the breaks... that was all he remembered of his father... his mentor scolding him for turning up late, threatening to chuck him out of the job... coming back home to learn that his sister had won a competition in school... the big show... the pilgrimage... the film offer... the international recognition..
. he said a silent prayer, even as a solitary tear made its way down his cheek...
"Daddy daddy I'm able to play twinkle twinkle little star on this keyboard! You want to hear it??"


She sat in the air-conditioned hall, switching between TV channels aimlessly. This time next year she would be in the U.S. Happily settled , away from the madness that was here. Away from all this heat! So what if it was going to be the same monotony of writing code? She'd at least be writing code in a country she always thought she should've been born in. A country which was worth living life in. She'd have the luxuries she had always grown up with, and more! And a companion to share them with too! Life couldn't be better.
If only this summer ended soon...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The recent past...

Been quite some time since I've updated the blog. Speaking of time, or the times rather, they've been pretty testing haven't they? But of course, an automation tester IS expected to spend his time testing… but little do we realize that in the long run, it's time that tests!!! :-)

Quite a lot of things have happened lately. Deliverables, deadlines, pressure…continuous practice during weekends for a show by Euphony, which culminated in some 8 lakhs being raised for charity… And even as the slogging continued the next week, there was news of a cyclone killing thousands in Myanmar… yesterday an earthquake killed another few thousands in China…

Its convenient to have news coming to your desktop. Keeps you updated on whats happening around. So when something like an earthquake hitting china pops up on the Reuters' webpage, with a pic or two showing the debris around, it takes your mind off the stress of work, and helps you relax with an sympathetic nod and if you are weakhearted enough, a "tch tch tch" maybe.
But on questioning myself, I realize there's really nothing more I could possible do than sympathize with the victims. Am I supposed to feel bad all day and shed tears? I wouldn't try faking.

It all boils down to this- unless you matter to somebody, you are not given a damn about! And vice versa… its not cold-heartedness. Its human nature. I'd rather spend time hanging out with people I love, and try finishing off work in time, so that I can leave on time, than spend time discussing the earthquake. But even as I say this, I realize I've been blogging about this very earthquake all this time, and you're probably calling me hypocrite(and it also dawns on me this moment, that I'm not giving enough importance to the cyclone, which infact was the bigger killer! Its just that I'm lazy to mention both everytime :-P )!

What sense does this post make? I don't know! I don't care! There are a lot of things that don't make sense, yet we live with them! And for Francois Truffaut's sake, its my freakin life, and my freakin blog!! I write what I want to!!