Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Super Whiner!

Scene 1:

Buzz!! He sees the green light. He is excited. The jugdes say something about his rendition being good. All he cares about is he's through to the next round.

Happily gets his green colored certificate (they call it ticket, he learns later), and rushes out of the make-shift room with black cloth walls, waiting to announce his victory to his friends and foklks at home.

"Sir sir, konjam nillunga..pinnaadi ponga sir… thiruppi athe maathiri excited a odi vaanga sir, camera la seriya edukkala ungala"

Scene 2:

He goes onstage again. Notices one of the judges is kinda cute.

"Neenga romba cute a nadanthu vantheenga. Enna paada poreenga?" (Murphy's law had to work!! The other nowhere-close-to-cute judge speaks)

He's tempted to say "shoe la mannu pugunthuruchu athaan…"

Song 1: Buzz!! The disc on which he's standing glows the kind of green he associates disticntly with this look one of his schoolmates used to give him when he scored a mark or two higher than the latter.

"Romba nalla paadineenga. Nejamaave gramathula irukkara oru feeling… … …"

Song 2: "Uyire…uyire…" He knows he's offkey, and desperately wants to spit out that irritating whatever in his throat, but what with cameras around (oh he feels like a star doesn't he!), the SHOW MUST GO ON"…
Buzz!! Red.

"You have been waitlisted"

Scene 3:

She watches in eager anticipation, as they've shown her brother in the initial rushes of the episode!! He's sitting right next to her. Mom's gone out.

"Hey nee da!!"

"Enna paada poreenga?" asks the judge.

Wait a minute! Did she just hear the judge say the word "cute"? She was beginning to giggle looking at the constipated reaction her brother gave on television.

"Uyire…" Buzz. Red.

Scene 4:

"Enna machi red light adishtaanga!! Select aitta nu sonnai!"

"Ama da, select aitten. Waitlist aanen. First song ku green buzzer, athu tv la podala"

"Etho solra po…"

"Dei nejama da!" :-(

Scene 5:

"Amma sodhapittaa maa"

"Athukku thaan sonnen intha super whiner , lottu losku laam vendaam nu. Ozhungu mariyathaiya mela padikkara vazhiaya paaru. Thuni machine la poda sonnen illa…"

Meanwhile on tv: Ivanga irandu perum sagotharargal. Oruthar select aagi vittar, ivar aavara?? Break.

Subject is in a high state of embarrassment, with consolation msgs and calls coming up, despite his replying that he's thru to the next and the next round"

And they call this reality television!!! :-(