Friday, March 27, 2009

In the learning curve...

Things i've learn over the past few days of life:

When you set out to not do something, you end up doing it better than you would've done, had you set out doing it.

Everybody has a right to opine on something. Even if they have no idea what it is.

Most of the things we claim to know for “fact” are our very own personal opinions, which, when in tandem with the opinions of few others, we make ourselves believe are facts.

Half-baked information is the worst thing for others to have, and the best weapon to use, if you want to screw somebody’s reputation.

Amusement lies at the heart of watching other people spread wrong information about yourself and watching it spiral out of the realms of sanity.

Someday if I become famous, a hundred years later, ordinary sentences written in my blog might make it to igoogle’s “quote of the day”

And in case the above happens, here’s one I’d personally like to go down as a quote- don’t quote me, I ain’t old enough yet

People can be easily fooled. All it takes is a little patience and a lot of television

Singing is my passion, singing to the tune of people around isn’t.

Life was a lot better before blogs and internet. At least Tom, Dick and Harry stuck to spreading crap by word of mouth alone.

They keyboard is mightier than the pen( Dn mind teh typos)

Everything you read online isn’t true. Heck, most of it isn’t!

Things I’d love to learn in the future:


How to form opinions and be sure they’re wrong and still stick to them

The fastest way to commute between Siruseri and T nagar without owning a car

Who is it that controls the universe. I mean heck we all think we’re in control of our lives till it spirals out of control. There HAS to be someone out there to get us!

Why we tend to be easily fooled by majority, when the chances of the majority being a bunch of fools is higher

How not to get repetitive while blogging

How to make this post longer than it is

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cheering for Rahman Sir!! Jai Ho!!!!

Finally, my bit done for Rahman sir's winning the Oscars. Got to scream my lungs out on TV :)
It was real fun, teaming up with some hardcore ARR buffs and cheering for him from the heart!! And to top it all, Vijay Tv came home and shot all of it (was aired today at 8 O clock in "Ella Pugazhum Oruvanukkey"). We crooned Jai Ho, Thai Manney Vanakkam and other incoherent babble in the name of cheering!! But yay!! It was pure ecstacy. My heartfelt thanks to Vijay Tv for giving us this opportunity to cheer for Mr.Awe-sc-ARR!! Also thanks to the bunch of hooligans who were willing enough to come home and contributed to the fun!! Here's the list of attendees, credited in no particular order :D
Sathya (guitarist she calls herself;))
A.M.Aravind (This guy sure is one idol for fans, on how to be a fan)
Ravikiran (Offile le aapu thaan di itha padichanga naa ;))
Santhosh (Terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D)
Madhu (Stephen Devassy's self proclaimed sister ;) )
And whoever it is that I bought that lovely ARR T-shirt from :D

So, finally, I get to blog about this. And no, I'm not gonna end this post with "Jai Ho". Millions of newspapers and clippings and reports have ended with it. I'm just gonna say..."Congratulations ARR Sir!!! Two Oscars a year is a good rate!! Keep the momentum going, till recession hits the academy hard and they start making plastic statuettes so that they can keep giving you loads of them) :D