Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What music means to me...

I have been part of Airtel Super Singer 2008 for quite some time now. And currently I’m in a stage where I need the support of the public to take me through to the grand finale. At this juncture, I ask myself how it all started. Not the show… Music as such.

I guess it’s always been there with me. Now going on to say “Music is in my blood” would be preposterous. I wouldn’t want someone out there waiting to stab me to listen to my music ;-) Singing is my passion. Yes, I do a bit of composing too, but singing is my first love! There have been expectations throughout the show…From the audiences, from the judges, and from myself. Every round has been a challenge, and there have been many highs and lows.

At the end of it all, what remains is the fact that I have been singing. Whether on a reality show on tv, or at home or elsewhere, this has been the constant activity. And without liking what we do, it would be impossible to achieve anything. I love singing. I guess I am one of the really lucky few in the world to be able to sing and have an audience listening too. However, there is a long long way to go, before I can call myself a singer. There are miles to cover, and yet, the destination will remain distant. For, the art is greater than the artist.

Music, to me means life. Every emotion I have experienced, every moment I have lived, I can associate distinctly with a song or a tune that went in my head. Music makes me nostalgic, it brings ecstasy, it brings energy, and it brings tears. Airtel Super Singer has been a platform to let people identify with the influence music has had on me, and to share with them, my musical ideas, and capabilities. It has been a blessing that made me entertain thousands. I may not be someone’s favourite, for we all have our likes and dislikes. But the very fact that people have taken notice, and I have been presented an opportunity to reach out to them through this show, brings me immense happiness.

And as an aspiring singer, all I have at the moment is gratitude… to all those who have encouraged me throughout this show, directly or indirectly, to all those who have criticized me, for it has made me learn from my mistakes, and to all the other viewers of the show. It is the public that makes or breaks an artist. And an artist is ever indebted to them, for recognition and fame are an outcome of more than just luck and talent.

I sincerely hope to fulfill the expectations you as viewers of the show have of me, and in the process, realize my dreams of becoming an established singer in the industry. I hope you have enjoyed my performances in the past and like my performances in the Wild Card round currently being aired (Monday, 20th April to Wednesday, 22nd April). If you like my performances and feel I deserve to enter the finals, please do vote for me, either by typing “SS18” on your mobile phones and sending to 57827 or by logging on to http://vijay.indya.com/supersinger08/index.asp. Whether or not I make it to the finals of this show, I would still be ever grateful to all the audiences for encouraging the show and watching it. And I shall keep the music coming.