Monday, May 25, 2009

The elimination

This post isn't intended to hurt the sentiments of audiences. It is purely intended to convey that a grave mistake has happened. Earlier, there had been an outrage on a social networking site, when I spoke in support of a contestant who was constantly being abused in forums and blogs. What did I get in reply? Hundreds of comments threatening me that the audience is the most important aspect of a show and without them, nothing can happen and that I have no right to blame them for character assassination. Agreed the audience is important. I am part of the audience too. But why is it that some of us tend to leave sanity behind and look for cheap thrills and entertainment when the focus in a music show should be on music?

At a crucial stage in the competition, Ranjani has been eliminated, thanks to audience votes. I reiterate what the judges said here: The audience has made a mistake… a grave one. By ending her run in the show. Considering she was among the top two in the first round of the finals... And was the pick of the judges in the wild card round as well! One of the most versatile, boldest singers in this competition, who chose really tough songs, just to prove her critics wrong. And what did the audience do? Slap themselves on the face by eliminating her. I am sure anyone who is even remotely connected with music would realize the futility of trying so hard and yet losing out because the "masses" weren't convinced.

Sometimes I wonder what makes the audience vote someone out of a contest. Is it because they're accustomed to the age old notion that a heavy-bassy voice is a good male voice and a shrill, shreaky voice is a pleasant female voice? And that anything different from this is enjoyed, yet shrugged off when it comes to deciding? Is it because some dare to be different from mainstream "melodies" or "kuthu"s and explore other genres? Maybe because a lot of people think replicating the song as it is, and imitating the original is a feat worthy of votes, while absorbing a song's nuances and adding it a personal touch is considered


I guess it takes more than just good singing to impress an audience. In fact, it doesn't even need good singing, considering Ranjani has been one of the most consistent performers. And by performer, I mean singer. After all, this is a freakin singing competition!! I suppose a contestant not only needs to know what to sing, but also what to speak in front of the camera. It doesn't matter if it's from the heart or not. The audiences watching TV can't see your heart. They'll believe anything you say. After all TV is about histrionics!

We were all shocked at the elimination, and I've been waiting for the episode to be telecast, so I could blog about this. Most of the contestants have expressed a deep regret over this atrocious decision. Some almost in tears, some, just frustrated to no end. Of course there were some others who took this to their advantage and "expressed their deep sympathy by attributing their emoasional singing to Ranjani's elimination" and made it a point to say it in front of the camera. After all, projecting yourself as a do-gooder in times of crisis will win you votes won't it!

I am sure many of you, as viewers of the show, will take exception to my comments, because you may be intelligent viewers, and know that this shouldn't have happened. This post isn't aimed at you. It is aimed at educating the other majority- who get convinced by posters on transformer boxes and railway station walls, by histrionics and pretence, by looks, by preconcieved notions about music and voice- and sadly, forget that good music is above all of this. You may raise a point here, that the show is to entertain, so why am I asking you to concentrate on the music. The answer is, if you're looking for entertainment, go watch a movie. This is a music show. Enjoy the music, and vote for the music. Finally, I repeat what I said on the day Ranjani was eliminated (and which didn't make it to the telecast I am told): You may have broken contestants' run in the competition, but you cannot break the singer that's in them, the music that's in them. Good music will prevail, and all else will be forgotten in due time!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super Singer

My run in super singer finally ended with the second wild card round. And what an experience it’s been! It was total fun, and though I’m out of the show, the people I’ve met there, the friends made, and the wonderful experiences that I’ve had will be things I’ll always cherish. Thank you for your votes and the tremendous support! . Of course the way forward is going to be something to think about.

The best part of Supersinger is the camaraderie that’s developed between contestants. The atmosphere has never been one of tension or jealousy. Of course we all have our favourites but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t congenial. Then again, everyone from the judges, to the anchors, Chinmayi and later Yugendran and Malini, the crew and the production team has been really supportive and nice throughout the contest. Beyond what goes on camera, the vibes have always been good, contrary to the notion that in television and movies, friendships do not last. Ok now I’m getting all candyflossy with this post. No I do not want to write the script for Karan Johar’s next flick!

Super Singer’s definitely changed my life. From one among the crowd to one recognized to an extent by it. It’s been a combination of effort, luck and opportunity. And I must thank all the reasons that’ve made things happen or not happen. Of course, there have been ups and downs as far as the competition is concerned, but then that’s life isn’t it?? When you’re up, you get to realize how deep it is down there, and when you’re down, well…just get out of it!!

Another interesting aspect of this show has been the forums. All you need is internet access and a personal opinion though I strongly feel more people have the former than the latter. There have been so many genuine well-wishers and critics. Every contestant should be grateful to these people, whether or not they have interacted with them. THEY are the audience.

Coming to the other kind of people who post in forums. This is the part which I like most about the forums. The extreme supporters and haters. Give a dumb man fish, he’ll eat for a day, give him an internet connection, and he’ll make sure he’s heard by hook or crook. Unfortunately you can’t throw shoes online (and this is an interesting concept for an office flash game ain’t it??). So what do you do?? Diss about anybody and everybody in all the bad English and foul language you know!! And spread rumours. There’ve been times when we’ve laughed our behinds off reading absolutely hilarious ones.

There was this one about a contestant singing badly and that the producers got pissed and got the special judge that day to dub for the contestant so they could air that!! But my pick is one I was the butt of. There was a tie breaker and there was a grasping test wherein we were told to sing a Malayalam song. Some imaginative bloke out there posts that I already knew the song beforehand and the language too!! Oh how I wish I knew Malayalam J Of course the number of people who believed the rumour were more than the number of episodes the show’s completed so far!! :D

All this is part and parcel of reality television we are told. And the only rule here is, never let them get you! It’s anyone’s general tendency to get infuriated when they hear crap being said about them without their knowledge. The trick is to enjoy the stories that float around. Let people have their share of fun at your expense. And you have fun laughing at how twisted the human mind can get

So finally, a non-random post with a lot of Random stuff about super singer. Been a hectic two weeks at office, and wanted to show signs of life. Hence this post. Happy getting-back-to-work now that you’re done reading it

PS: The latest buzz is that I provoked someone into getting emotional and excited on cam! I love this one :D Let’s see how many twists this tale takes. What you see on camera is what I am. I shall reach out to the last man on earth to make my music heard, but before that, I need a super fast jet and a list of all the men on earth. If my music has reached you *with a reverent bow and a solemn countenance* don’t vote for me. I’m out of the competition already :D

PPS: This post isn’t intended to cause any emotional trauma or provoke any being living or singing. The views expressed here are purely mine, and I don’t intend changing them to suit any camera, rolling or unrolling :D