Monday, September 28, 2009

Vidhyaarambham, Vada Paayasam and Karaharapriya

Don't let the title mislead you into thinking I've had my share of Vada Payasam. Yesterday yes, but not today! Since it's a working day at Cognizant, there was time just to take bath, do some very basic pooja, sing a song "Shaasthrathukku" and rush. Breakfast was Corn Flakes and Milk. And some Kesari and Appam thanks to a good friend who also happens to be part of the thachi mammoo brigade.

So what is it about today that makes it special? For the typical Tambrahm, it's the day our parents forced us into Paatu Class (you may add Keyboard, carnatic of course, violin, mridangam and dance to that list) when we were kids. While for some of us it was a new beginning, for some others it was about the only day they even went to class! I do not remember if my first paattu class started on Vijayadasami day, but I do remember reverentially taking Aashirvadams from my Gurus and saashtaangama sevichufying, Abhivadaye included (My Guru for most part of my learning, Shri.O.V.Subramaniam sir used to crane his ears to listen to what I was saying). Those were good times, singing Mandara Dararey loudly, "Nanna Vaaya vittu paadu" my dad used to say. Perhaps I am getting nostalgic about the days I was properly learning music. sometimes I wish I had continued...I guess I will, when it has to happen.

And this was the day moms were waiting to take revenge on us for having not touched books the previous day. At least one chapter per subject had to be studied. And there would be this feeling what we did today would reflect on what we got in the exams. The harder you studied today, the better. Only, what matters is how hard you study two days before the exam onwards :p

And then there used to be the usual aathu saappadu, which still is, only I'm stuck at office :(
More Kozhambu with Vada in it, Vadai otherwise, saathumudhu (I like it with Vadai in it too :D), Akaaravadasal(yeah "vada" in it, but just the spelling lol), and saving the thachi mammoo for the afternoon. Pretty much the basic menu for any Iyengar festival, with additions depending on the nature of the festival. Oh we have variety and so much don't we??

Had a Karaharapriya hangover, sleeping off last night listening to Madurai Mani Iyer. Quite literally a hangover, for the splitting headache's still there! It didn't help that I was listening this morning to quite a long exploration of Kalyani (if it lasted from Mambalam to Siruseri, I guess it WAS prettylong). The headache won't go till I'm back to bed. Which is unlikely. No mood for vada paayasam either. Somehow can't get out of the weekend mood, hence decided to blog about it. I guess many of you would identify with the current mood. For those who don't, happy working!

Other updates over the weekend include watching Eeram (decent flick), scaring the crap out of the thachi mammoo brigadier mentioned above, post movie, super lunch celebrating 2 years of Cognizance, The Godfather (movie), watching the match slip out of India's hands, as I slipped out of consciousness, Saraswati pooja, going for a comedy(supposedly!) play by the Rebelz theatre group and trying verrrrry hard to laugh, taking revenge on the friend who called me to the play by making him buy snacks, watching Quick Gun Murugan (finally, and nothing great about it).

Have a great week folks!! And a greater weekend! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 years of Cognizance, Tarantino and more...

Been an eventful few days. Did a show with the Cognizant band Euphony last sunday for charity. Was a grand success and real fun! Had a great choice of songs to sing, including Masakkali, Thai Manney Vanakam, Pehla Nasha, Lukka Chupi and Heal the World. Excellent audience, by far the best Euphony has performed to. Raised a few lakhs with our efforts. Feels good :)

Can't understand all the hype about the decline of One Day Internationals and panic surrounding their revival or extinction. I still feel they rock, and that it's just the corporate bigwigs that want the slam bang T20 to replace ODIs. Every time Sachin scores a century, India rejoices! And what a feeling it was when he did that last week! We must be gifted to have grown up watching this guy play.

Throat's completely hoarse and severe cold's set in, and looks like it'll be a few days before I'll get back to singing. Have quite a few movies to catch up on, Kaminey included. Hope to do this sometime in the coming week.
Realize I've been writing this post in Facebook-Status-Update-Mode. But of course isn't this the world of instant everything?? So why not tweet? Only I everytime I feel like updating my FB status, I end up with extreme loss of ideas and thoughts. Surprisingly, blogging seems to help. Not that I've been doing it too frequently of late.

Among other things, today marks two years of working in Cognizant. Must say it's been a pleasant journey so far :-)
Plan to go out with batchmates this weekend to celebrate. Movie perhaps.

Planning to start a new blog chronicling my musical journey, with samples of stuff I've sung or composed. Would like your opinion on this. This would be sort of a music profile. The intentions, to reach out to the public and get their feedback on my work.

Plan to blog more as well. That's been the plan every time I've blogged. To make the next post come earlier. But I guess the universe has its own way of making things happen and not happen. We're just canoes drifting along the current aren't we?

Have a great movie suggestion to end this post with: Watch out for Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino. Don't know if it'll release here in India, but the movie's a masterpiece. Of course strictly for Noir and Tarantino fans. If you're the types that sobs on Karan Johar's foren scenery cotton candy, this one's blasphemy. Have a great life you folks! Like a bloggger I know oft puts it , may the universe do whatever it is to make whatever it is that's to happen happen and whatever shouldn't, not to. Of course that blogger never said these exact words, in fact perhaps just the word "universe", but life's about confusing the senses out of people isn't it ? ;-)