Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali :)

The festival of lights! May it bring immense joy and unbounded happiness in your life! May the universe conspire to make all your dreams come true! Here's wishing you all a wonderful super duper Diwali :)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bombay chutney and ARR-acha maavu

Busy week this one's been. Two days in Bombay(I love to call it that and I’m not Karan Johar, so smartasses please don't correct me that it's Mumbai), and back. Read my first Wodehouse novel, and loved the old world charm, the Brit humour (note the "u") and all that! Planning to read either Catch 22 or To Kill a Mockingbird next… Started Catch 22 long back and never managed to go beyond a few pages. Something tells me I'm gonna like it this time around.

My comp's died on me, and I haven't been able to find the time to get her up and working. Planning to do it tomorrow... Heck what's life without a computer for emotional and moral support!

Speaking of Bombay, I have always loved the city and like it even more now. Though I couldn't extend my stay beyond two days, I enjoyed every minute of it! This city's so lively and two years of my absence seems to have done it a lot of good ;-) The climate was damp, yet welcoming.

Of course, the flights to and fro were as usual dreaded by me. I hate flying. Something about the whole process of subjecting yourself to an aluminium enclosure eleven kilometers above sea level doesn't quite go down well with me and my intestines. And then there's airline food which this time thankfully, I had the option of not buying, since I was flying low cost (supposedly!).

The onward flight was much more turbulent but somehow the thought of touching down at maximum city did some good in alleviating my discomfort. Even before I boarded the return flight, I had a feeling of already being in Chennai, what with the guy behind me pushing me even before the ferry bus’s doors opened, and that maami and her family promptly inventing a double queue at the steps of the plane. With all due respect to civilized Chennaiites and Mumbaikars, we f***in lack patience and courtesy. And deo sprays.

I've been trying to hum Amruthavarshini all day, with a hope to achieve Bombay-like conditions here. With some success I must haughtily say. For it rained in Mambalam when I hummed in Siruseri yesterday! God must've known I live there! Now the rest of blogosphere knows too. Well, may not the rest as in the WHOLE of the REST of blogosphere, but at least this small bunch of blokes reading this rather rummy (I've just read Wodehouse remember??) post know! Today there are clouds hanging over in the distance. Will keep my ardent readers posted on whether they came to my crooning.

And now to all of you who are attending Rahman sir's concert on Sunday. As much as I am jealous of you, since I myself might not make it, I'd like to wish you all the elation and happiness and whatever emotions Rahman sir's music evokes in you. In return for this kindness, I want nothing. Peace out. Have fun! And make sure you guys scream when the MC asks you to scream! After all that's what an artist seeks at the end of the day!! Sore throats! :D. And add my three thousand cheers to yours. Hip Hip Hu(ARR)ay!

I understand the above paragraph to be rather deviant in mood and general writing style from the rest of this post. It's called the ARR syndrome. Typical patients suffer from hyper ventilation, lack of words, or rather, lack of clarity of thought and general restless eagerness to be there at the concert. Now that you know, may the universe conspire to bless you with this syndrome.

Inglourious Basterds STILL hasn't released in Chennai. Much like the time Phone Booth was released around 8 months after I'd seen it in Bombay. Go on. Test our patience. Don't blame the pirates later!

Random One Line Update: Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai rocks!

Random Quote from my Quote Hanger: You can take a horse to the water, but to make it drink, it has to be thirsty.

Random Incomplete line: And then she told Adam, "Oh how I wish you learnt to finish what...

Random Inference: I've been writing a series of "Random" things without the slightest notion why.

Random Inference 2: Looks like I'm trying to find a way to end this post and am stuck in a loop.

Random Note: My brain tells me I've used the word inference twice and using it a third time will make it kind of un-cool. Hence...

Random Conclusion: This post has ended.

Random gibe at you: You still read this line anyway!!