Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mountain

Spectacular the golden sheath,
The morning sun upon the mountain peak,
A majestic mass of imposing stone,
Shone like it were His golden throne!

Spoke the town, of the mountain's beauty,
Spoke the river of his towering presence,
Envied the hills, for they felt but meek
In the darkness of his shadow immense.

Come dawn and the sun would cast
A golden glance, loving and warm
Rays of light in the morning mist,
Glittering like a sorcerer's charm!

As the populace its glory extolled,
As turned the valley, in envy, green
The worst of storms the mount had weathered
But only the golden coat was seen.

He hadn't asked for the sun to shine,
Upon him, in resplendent sympathy,
Or the angry gale to test his resilience,
And unleash itself in all its fury.

But, the golden coat was all they could see
And from it sprung their admiration or jealousy
Neither friend nor foe did the mountain crave,
Yet tests of strength he had to brave.

In solitude the mountain reflected:Though
Never intending to, a hindrance be,
He had been but a lonely chunk of rock
Separating land from the sea.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Does every post need a title? What title would you give the life you've lived so far?

You know I think life ought to be lived by the moment. Every moment cherished and savoured. For all you know, we could stop existing the next second. And I doubt providence is benevolent enough to give all of us the time and circumstances to reach all the goals we/others set for us. It's about realizing that the journey towards these goals, just the ones that matter to us, is most important. It's about realizing that life's too precious to be wasted away in monotonous pursuit of something imposed upon us by self or society, in the hope of euhporia on reaching that goal, sacrificing the little pleasures on the way! Life isn't about completing what we started. It's about starting whatever we want to, and taking it only as far as it interests us! For there's no guarantee you'll reach the goal in time, and in the end, if you don't, you would've at least had the satisfaction of a pleasant journey...

No, I'm not saying anything new here, neither am I trying to sound profound. It's just that fate has an iron clasp, and it's upto us to decide if we want sqirm in its grip and cut our wrists or give in and let it lead us, and atleast strike up interesting conversation with the prisoners it picks along on the way.