Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Of shampoo ads, new year resolutions and the East India Company

I still haven’t seen Avatar, and though initially I didn’t think it would arouse interest, the hype people around me are giving, including sensible ones, makes me want to watch it. Heck, it’s being touted as the cinematic experience of the decade and all that. So I am pretty curious.

This Monday, I had this strange feeling of missing the Saathumadhu(rasam) saadham and chips combo at night. It’s then that I realized I hadn’t had dinner at home for five days straight. Yes lunch I did have, but I had been dining outside continuosly. Nothing beats home food!

It’s that time of the year when people make resolutions. And write about people who make resolutions. I’m not going to try and be different and claim I won’t write about them. As a matter of fact, I’m already two sentences into writing about new year resolutions, as usual without getting anywhere close to the point.
Well, the news is, I don’t think I have any new year resolutions but for a few important ones including finishing off watching all the movies in my comp and in the process do justice to the Hitchcocks, Kubricks and Coen Brothers waiting on my hard disk like a newly committed girl on her first dinner date(I can come up with such absolutely corny metaphors too :P)

Had a fun shoot at Vijay TV a couple of days ago. New year special. Sang with this enthu kid Sharat. I think it’ll go on air on New Year day in the morning on Star Vijay. Was great meeting up with the supersinger ‘06, SSJr-1, ‘08 and the current kids gang.

Another update: if you happen to hear a shampoo ad jingle go “Yelelangadi Yelelangadi” on tv, the male voice is mine. Cavin Care product. My first official recording to make it on-screen, hence the aarva kolar :D

I’ve been reading Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies, and what seemed to be a tad bit dragging initially has turned out to be quite an engrossing story which I hope to finish in the next few days. I haven’t read much Indian fiction, in fact apart from the non-detail english schoolbooks that had R.K.Narayan and Ruskin Bond, I think 5 point someone’s the only Indian Fiction I’ve read. As I type this, I remember a storybook I got free with Complan when I was in class four or five. The author was Bengali and it was about some kids getting marooned on an island. I remember liking the story very much. Coming back to Amitav Ghosh, either considerable research has gone into the variegated society and cultures that existed in 19th century India, or the author has superhuman imagination to conjure up so much detail.

Doing a show with Karthik and Pop Shalini tomorrow. Should be fun :)

And before I forget, whatever little I heard of Hosanna rocks!! Looking forward eagerly to the audio. May thalaivar Rock and other precious stones :D

Last but not least, here’s wishing you folks a Wonderful and Happy New Year! May this year fulfill all your dreams and wishes and provide you with unbounded happiness! In addition to other things, may this year improve my prospects of pataaofying Shreya ;-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of Super Singer Jr 2 and singing to tunes

I haven't really been able to catch much of the second installment of Super Singer junior, mostly because working out of Siruseri (read almost Andhra border), you are kind of tempted to give yourself a pat on the back(which is again kind of inconvenient) if you're able to reach home by the time the sun sets. So my opinions in this post are pretty much based on the performances I've caught every now and then on TV. If you beg to differ, kindly go ahead and do so. But this is my blog, and since you're gonna be begging, the old adage says you can't really choose :-D
I do not want to pick out any favourites as such, but you've gotta give it to these kids (and I mean only the real "kids")! The talent is amazing!

There's a duet round going on this week. Mom follows more or less every week. There's this one-contestant-build-up-thingy that happens from time to time in these reality shows. Part n parcel of the game. So I decided to see if it was going on here. The duet round took me back a year to the duet round we had in Super Singer '08. Pretty much the same rules. One sofa, where the best couple gets to sit and if they managed to keep their asses glued to it till the 3 episodes are over, they get double promoted. Back then, we had guessed and rightly so, who would end up with sticky bottoms even before the first contestant sang.

Watching the episode yesterday, there was this feeling of deja vu, which was only reinforced watching half of today's episode. A certain couple sang Azhage Sugama, and though personally I feel one of them is a brilliant singer, this particular performance didn't really strike a chord. Perhaps I do not have the right to pass judgments, but I can smuggle opinions which I most certainly will. That song is close to my heart. And there was definitely soul lacking in the song, especially in the male vocalist's rendition. Of course, like I guessed, they were given the hot seat, or rather the sticky seat ;) And my guess was, they wouldn't be replaced at least in tomorrow's episode.

Today's episode began with a brilliant rendition of Rathiriyil Poothirukkum. Beautifully coordinated singing, even voice presence, and flawless singing by both the kids. There was not much room for finding errors in either. So what do you do now? Well, you heighten one's performance in contrast to the other and make the audience think the other probably lacked that extra something this one had(also known by several names like the X factor, the hogwash factor, bullshit etc). So now that there's a contrast, the sofa can't be theirs can it? While the performance, individually and collectively was miles ahead of azhage sugama, the sofa and it's contents remained the same. The boy who sang rathiriyil was spot selected, the audience, treated to a commercial break. And made to forget that something was abysmally wrong.

Tomorrow, I declare today, there is a 90 percent chance that particular hot seat will retain its contents. Even if Hariji and Shreya were to sing a duet :) Let's see...

And if it does come true, I'm gonna end this post with a smiley. Tomorrow.

And here ends my post with a smiley :-D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sil Sil Sil Sillellaaa

Seems like Cognizant’s planning to do research on the impact of cryogens on productivity. And volunteers have been randomly chosen across locations I believe. Or should I say guinea pigs??

Been freezing to death in my seat since morning. It’s been progressively getting colder in my work area the past few days and repeated calls and mails to the Admin finally had them sending one of their personnel out here to my neighbour’s seat. This was yesterday. After reassurances that they would “reduce the AC”, they left.

Today they’ve lived up to their word. They’ve “reduced” the temperature. Yeah so what about it, you may ask. Ask. Oh you don’t want to? That’s fine, don’t ask, I’m gonna tell anyway. The answer’s pretty obviious: I’m friggin freezing here!

What a topic to be blogging about! I mean, without the exclamation. Freezing in your seat, hands hardly moving, fingers alone searching for the keys and typing away! And you are expected to work!! Perhaps the underlying research is based on cooling the brain till it assumes semiconducting properties and hence increasing the neruological activities, thereby increasing productivity!

Reminds me of this poster stuck on the glass walls of TCO library. Got a quote from this magazine “Frozen Thoughts” (get the joke?? *wink wink*). It goes “When you squeeze an orange, only orange juice comes out”. I don’t remember the rest of what the writer aimed to metaphorize, but this was enough to make me wish I were Goundamani at that moment! Err… he would’ve perhaps reacted with something like “Dei mosambi mandaya, orange a puzhinja pinna pazhani panchamrutham a varum?!”
For my non-tamil-understanding readers, Goundamani is one of the best slapstick, slap-on-your-face, kick-ass-and-everywhere-else comedians in Tamil movies, never too short of an absofckinlutely hilarious insult when you need one! And that particular line would more or less literally translate to : You SweetLimeHead/Slimehead! What else do you expect to get out of squeezing an Orange, Pazhani Panchamrutham?? (Pazhani is a holy place in TN where you get this sweet nectar as prasad, called Panchamrutham, and I’m sure you couldn’t care less about it :P).

Battle of the Bands is reaching it’s finale today. Where it was, pre-finale you ask. I don’t know. But it seems I’ve to perform today. With temperatures bound to hit subzero in a few hours, looks like I’ll be singing like SRK today. Kkkkyunki baas bhi kkkkkkabhi badboooo thi! (multiple K’s to be understood as SRK’s kakakaka stuff and not to be confused with Ekkkkkta Kkkapoorr’s numerological attempts at finding a partner).

You folks have a good weekend! And make sure you don’t get stuck in a freezer! Crazy buggers ha!
PS: The title is arguably one of the best songs to have ever been composed in Tamil Film Music history! Ice breaking I’d say!