Saturday, May 29, 2010

Feature in the Semmozhi Maanadu song by A.R.Rahman!!!

Feels great to be part of the Semmozhi Maanadu song by A.R.Rahman sir. This is a dream come true for me. I've sung chorus in this song, and also feature in the video (Watch at 5.16)

Had super fun shooting for this song at the beach :) My favourite musician and your favourite director!

I am also kicked about the fact that my name's made it to the credits list for this song in Rahman sir's website. Here's the link to that :)

Music- A.R.Rahman
Direction: Gautam Menon

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleepers Creepers!

I am in this state of semi consciousness, and it's not due to alcohol or a bump in the head. Ub fact In fact aI'm actually typing with my eyes closed. Just that previous line and this one, dont wanna get caught sleeping in office. Ok now I'm wide half awake. Coming to the point, haven't had enough sleep.

Work catalyzes sleep, hence this post. But as usual absolutely no trigger to write. Speaking of triggers, triggers are found on guns. Guns kill people. War kills people. War is bad. All is fair in love and war someone said. So if all is fair, what about the guy who got his face burnt trying to pull the pin off the grenade and the grenade burst on his face because it was a cheap quality China make? How the hell can he be fair? And if all is fair in war and war kills people, fair things kill people? Perhaps! Mankind has in the past killed for the fairer gender. Remember Helen of Troy? Yeah really? Do you? Good for you because I don't, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember me either, so that makes us even 8!*#$ !

Paragraph three starts with the word paragraph. Graphs are fun. Those graph sheets they used to give us in our exams! Exams! What fun when they got over! Not the graphs, the exams. The last exam was always the one we prepared least for, out of sheer excitement at what followed. Sleep is creeping in like a creep creeping in on whatever he creeps in on. I have to stay awake. This post couldn't get more boring could it? Yeah it could. I could copy paste paragraphs from Ullyses and The Namesake (the latter I have read, the former, I shall use as a weapon of mass destruction if someone messes with my blog). Ok folks, I've suddenly lost interest to continue this post any further. Goodnight. Or in the words of my tweetheart :D:DD:D shippa shuppi time ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

And so here goes...My solo song :)

Folks, posting after quite some time. Been a hectic last two weeks. Few good things happening :)

I've sung a solo in the movie Patta Patti 50 50. The music is by Mr.ArulDev. He was Vidyasagar's keyboardist and programmer and now he's done his first movie.

Now I don't want to sound like one of those big shot folks who have templatized answers for interview questions, considering this isn't even an interview, but working with Mr.Arul was a great experience. I had a lot of freedom to improvise and stuff, and the song was good fun to sing.

It's a fully english song called Never Gonna Change, and you don't see many of them in our Tamil movies! Heck if I remember right the last time I heard one was Sooooiiiinnngg in the raaaaiiinnn ;-)
Ok without further ado, here's the song:

05 Track 5.wma

or here

The initial response among friends has been pretty good, and it's heartening to see people actually listening to it. Do let me know what you think of the song :) And do spread the word around if you like it.

At the cost of sounding like a politician, without the phoneyness, heartfelt thanks to Arul sir for this song, and to all you folks for all the comments (that've come so far and hopefully will come hereafter) and encouragement and criticism and for being on various social networking sites and so on and so forth!

More interesting updates to follow.