Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raavan-My take (Not that it matters or I care that it doesn't)

I hated 7 G for a lot of reasons including the movie being perverted, depressing and carrying the wrong message. Of course there’s no comparison between Raavan and that piece of crap. Why I mentioned it here is because Raavan seems to carry across a wrong message, in that despite his vices, Raavan wins the girl’s heart, just because he had a vengeance story to tell and he didn’t violate her. You don’t want to see that happening much in real life, say your girlfriend/wife getting herself abducted by a crook and standing up for him

The premise had plenty of scope to weave a super story of good turning bad and vice versa. However I felt the movie fails because it’s characters aren’t convincingly developed. Vikram need not have dubbed for himself. Sounds very South Indian. Overall didn’t like the dialogues. Some of the references to Ramayana were corny. Especially Govinda attempting a chow yun fat in Crouching Tiger just to establish he’s Hanuman.

Great visuals, good music. That last song is kickass and the five of us were the only ones left in the theatre waiting for it to end, while wishing it wouldn’t. The Yudh theme came, and that too twice yaaay!!!

Now those who loved/liked it, don’t stand up in arms against me. While I agree there’s a lot of time and effort that went into the movie, a lot of time and effort goes into every movie that’s made, even the ultra pathetic ones. It’s the viewers right to like or not like a movie and express his opinion about it.

So did I like the movie? I don’t really think so. But I was able to sit through it without much discomfort. At times it did feel like an RGV flick though

Thursday, June 10, 2010

[55-Fiction]- For a few words more

55-Fiction is basically where you write a story in under 55 words. It's a rage in my office blogspace. Decided to give it a shot.

The ideas are hard to come by but the challenge seems interesting. So here are a few I wrote:


Slab: Twelve and hundred years of woe, to cursed land, sea shall go


“It’s over”, she welled up. “Mother consulted the astrologer. Our stars don’t match”


News: Asteroid threat exaggerated to create panic- President


Galaxypedia: Despite their “endangered” status, humans fall under Category-W, owing to their largely insignificant contribution even during their life on earth.



His hand fiddled around in his pocket, while his eyes refused to look anywhere else but at the candy stick in the jar. But what about the eraser then? What would he tell mummy?
He took out the sole one rupee coin.









“Goddamn car!”, Alex kicked the door. He couldn’t afford to go late the second day of his new assignment.


“Not here, let’s go elsewhere. She might have friends here!”


“No, I cancelled my flight. And everything else! Guess who’s studio I got a call from?”


9.02 AM- “Inshallah! Here comes my salvation”, cried the jihadi


Monday, June 07, 2010

Of shades and facades

The wise or so they thought said "Forgive and forget". The smarter ones said "Forgive but don't forget". Fact is, it is very difficult to forgive or forget. Because you don't want to end up making the same mistake twice and look like a fool. Above all, the one person you don't want to look like a fool to, at the end of the day, is the most important person in your life: you! It can really wreck your morale.

So here I am, finding myself slowly turning misanthrope. It scares me. I mean, there's no point hating anyone. But what scares me more is the disappointment and depression attachment brings. The better you know somebody, greater the chance you give them to know you. And hence take advantage. It doesn't end there. You start taking things for granted, make assumptions because you think you know them well enough, and when suddenly your assumptions go wrong, you are left in doubt. By this time you are so accustomed to expecting the expected that it hits you like a bolt from the blue.

What's the solution? Maintaining a safe distance from everyone? Being friendly without being too friendly? Perhaps. But wouldn't that amount to faking? Having just finished The Catcher in the Rye, I can't help but identify with Holden Caulfield, the story's protagonist. Why is it that most of the time, we pretend to be people we are not? We pretend to be nice without wanting to, we pretend to care and even go ahead and offer help, while internally feeling obliged to, ultimately putting up facade of gentleness and normalcy for social acceptance's sake?

Are we being unconsciously conscious about our behaviour and hence constantly wearing different faces? Just to be included ? Or is it human nature that we turn different shades in different situations, allowing our true selves to manifest only every now and then under adversity? What would be the consequences if we told people what we actually thought all the time? Imagine the controversy it might stir up, the hearts it might break, the turmoil(and maybe even happiness) it might cause! One's dignity and respect seems to rest on how nice or how politically correct they seem to be, and not on how nice they actually want to be. I'm reaching a point where I am not able to discern genuine emotions from fake ones.
So, what do YOU want to do? Pretend to be someone else? Or pretend to be yourself?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

MSN- Mostly Stupid News

MSN is one of those websites you don't want to start your workday browsing through. I mean there's no way you can miss noticing the fact that the most important news that catches your attention on their website, especially the Indian version of it, is as important as the colour of the White House's toilet seat to you, yes you reading this very article.

Now note my point here. I said "catches your eye". I didn't say the headline that's at the top. So what caught my eye this morning?

First this ad:
*Shows you a pair of well waxed and whatever'd female legs, and zooms out gradually, revealing in full splendour(especially the legs, sans fabric) a woman reclining on a couch, which you later learn is a car seat, reading a book*
The ad reads:
"The Mahindra Xylo. Keeps even the longest legs happy. " :-O
And right next to it a button reads "Click to expand"Talk about suggestive ads! And new car features!

The next thing that grabs my attention? The crime section. Invariably there's something utterly gruesome that's happened in Delhi (most of the times, it's always Delhi). Highlighted in bold and almost like an invitation to the reader to dive deep into it and revel in the glory of how demented the human mind can get.No I don't click it.
Because something else has caught my eye :

"Celina Jaitley - I am a virgin"Filed under the "videos" section. Now this has been there on the page for the past three days. And since videos don't open in office I haven't seen it yet. But what exactly was the intention? Is this a public service announcement? If yes, I think I'll save my coins. I have better causes to help.

Next:"Healthy food may not be good for everyone's health"Filed under "Lifestyle"What was the writer thinking when he wrote this? I'm taking a guess the article goes on to state that what's healthy for one person might not be so for another, depending on each individual's body mechanism. That's some news I certainly didn't know and now that I do, my IQ's up forty points! Like it went up when Saba Karim, during one of his commentaries observed rather insightfully
"If the batsmen can hit the ball hard enough into the gaps, they can get the boundaries".

Speaking of other things, Headlines today has been screaming "Towers of death" the past few days. Something about Cell Phone network towers radiating harmful waves and posing instant doomsday to all major cities. No other channel seems to be bothered. My doubt is, is the intention behind this news report to really cause some awareness? Looks more like a publicity gimmick to gain trp. I'm not saying there might not be a real threat, but come on, give us facts to back your claim! And if it were indeed a major threat, is it not your responsibility to make sure every other media knows about it and spreads awareness?

I don't intend to sound like one of those cynical "when I was in the US" forty somethings that goes about dissing every possible aspect of life. But let's face it. 90 percent of what the media's dishing out is horse manure. All I'm saying is, feed it to the plants!

PS: I'm sure by now you've opened MSN and seen those legs you voyeur! Admit it. I saw them too, which is why this post! :PPPS: I'm back to PSes and PPses ;)PPPS: I know noone uses it, but I just realized their mail's called "Hot"mail too ;)PPPPS: OK way too many post scripts I agree, but just to clarify, is the default homepage on IE at office, and basically I have better things to do that change my homepage in case you're wondering.