Wednesday, December 22, 2010

VJam- My gig at the Russian Cultural Center

Folks I’m performing with my band at the Russian Cultural Center on Thursday December 23rd at 7.30 PM. So please be there for

VJam- Vijaynarain Live

We’ll be doing everything from popular film songs and western numbers adapted to funk and rock grooves to random jamming and letting loose on stage. Maybe even an own composition or two. So be there and kickstart your Christmas weekend by screaming your lungs out!

The Lineup:

Vocals: R Vijaynarain, Harini S

Keys: Prashanth Techno

Bass: John Praveen

Drums: Ved Shankar

Reasons why coming to my gig is better than doing anything else that day:

It’s after office hours

Anything else isn’t as important as supporting this poor blogger by cheering for him

You will be given special treatment if you’re a hot chick or bring a few to the gig

Least important of all these reasons : ENTRY IS FREE. ABSOLUTELY. YEAH YOU READ IT RIGHT! See you there !!